BibleMax Vincent's Word Studies (Verse)

BibleMax Vincent's Word Studies (Verse) 1.0

BibleMax module featuring Marvin R. Vincent's commentary to the Bible
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Marvin Richardson Vincent was a Methodist clerygman, preacher and scholar who lived in the 19th century. Undoubtedly, his most known work is his book named New Testament Word Studies, which is a detailed analysis, verse by verse, about the most significant words appearing in the New Testament, exploring their Greek roots, their meaning and their use in the Biblical context. This work was originaly published in four volumes, containing a vast amount of imformation. You can have this comprehensive and important work thanks to BibleMaximum, which has issued it in the form of a module for their BibleMax software. BibleMax is a program for reading and studying the Scriptures, but not only that; you can complement the basic program by adding as many extra modules as you want, according to your needs. One of them is, of course, Vince's Word Studies. You can get this important work, along with many Bible versions, commentaries, devotionals and other texts by ordering the free CD and paying only the duplication, printing, postage and handling costs.

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  • It only refers to the New Testament
  • It only works with BibleMax software
  • Can be obtained only by ordering the free CD
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